SSS – Episode 50! 2020 So Far

In the dumpster fire of the year that has been 2020, the Synics discuss how 2020 has been treating gaming so far and what their hopes are for the next 6 months. Also in the news; the Synics will be streaming live on June 13th to raise money for Color of Change in support of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests across the world, the massive charity bundle raising money for the same cause, the upcoming Playstation 5 reveal, Bobby Kotick being overpaid, and the physical release of the previously censored game ‘Devotion’ by Red Candle Games. The Synics meandered all over the place this episode with so, so many more topics in this off-the-cuff and tangent filled celebration of 50 episodes!

SSS – Episode 49: Disco Elysium(Game Club)

The Synics make their way through a dialogue tree discussing all this Disco Elysium. Hear what we think about this fascinating point and click RPG. In the news: Unreal Engine 5 demo release, the evolution of this years E3 announcements, and the shady underworld of black market Animal Crossing deals. Also we welcome (and eventually ban) our first Twitch chat troll!

SSS – Episode 48: Our Gaming Origins

As more and more people turn to video games during lock down, the Synics take a look back at how, why, and when they got into video gaming.  Another massive Whatcha’ Playin’ leads into Animal Crossing woes, a huge conversation about the nature of spoilers and the recent leak from the Last of Us 2, and Valorant’s anti-cheat measures.  Come take a seat on the virtual couch for some great discussion!

SSS – Episode 47: The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

The Synics discuss the latest video game adaptation movie; Sonic the Hedgehog. Hear all about what we think and what it could mean for Sonic and Video game movies in the future.  In the Synical Spin we chat about upcoming Resident Evil Remakes, Steam swooping in on the canceled E3 this year, and we also have another massive quarantine whatcha playin’.

SSS – Episode 46: Spelunky(Game Club)

Take a seat on the virtual couch and chat with the Synics all about the 2008 Indie Rogue-lite platformer Spelunky (which kicked their collective asses). A quarantine fueled whatcha playin’ is massive this episode, along with troubling news that Gearbox employees are allegedly getting shorted on their bonuses from Borderlands 3.  What are your thoughts on spelunky?

SSS – Episode 44: Stardew Valley

The Synics sharpen their gardening tools and struggle through a few seasons of Stardew Valley. Hear what they think about this charming indie farming sim.  Berto comes back for a monster Whatcha Playin’ segment, Garrett mini reviews the Sonic movie, and Corona Virus has developers pulling out of gaming conventions left and right. (Apologies for the shaky audio on this one, we were recording on-the-go over hotel internet).

SSS – Episode 43: 2020 Preview

In this episode the Synics debate 2020 game releases and which of the next gen consoles they think might ‘win’.  Berto is still absent from the cast because his newborn rules with an iron fist, but he’ll be back soon enough. Atari thinks their brand is strong enough to warrant building hotels, and Blizzard massively screws up the Warcraft 3 Reforged launch.

SSS – Episode 42: Blasphemous (Game Club)

The Synics are back with another SSS game club game.  See what Tim and Garrett (Papa Berto is on Baby Duty) think of the equally gothic and gorgeous metroidvania style indie: Blasphemous.  They also speculate on next gen console rumors and the narrowing of the PC/console divide.  What did you think of Blasphemous?

SSS – Episode 41: SSS Awards 2019

The Synics vote on their choice for Game of the Year, Game of the Decade, and so much more for the SSS Awards to round out an amazing decade for gaming.  What was your game of the year? What was your game of the decade? Find out what we think deserves accolades going into the new decade!