About Us

Welcome to the Split Screen Synics virtual Couch

Split Screen Synics is a bimonthly video game podcast started by friends and co-hosts Alberto, Garrett and Tim. Join us on our virtual couch as we banter like you might with friends during some intense split screen gaming. Each episode starts with the games we are currently playing, focuses on recent video game news and and then switches to a more specific topic. Within you can find critical discussion, reviews, opinions, and comedic tangents on all things video gaming.

Game Club Episodes

Our episodes with the (Game Club) tag are special episodes where our listeners can join us on our virtual couch and be a part of the podcast.  To join the Game Club, simply play along with us on the predetermined game (announced an episode or two before) and then send us any questions or comments you have on the game. The Synics’ virtual couch is always looking for more co-op participants!