Episode 4: Story in Video Gaming

The Split Screen Synics go all in talking about Story in Video games. Are video games the best storytelling medium? Is story even important? How do mechanics and player decisions effect story? Does Garrett have the best new hotel idea? Can you imagine if Alberto could double-jump? All these questions and more are answered in our fourth episode!

Episode 3: The Top 10

We made it to episode 3! Most shows get cancelled after their first but we persevered because we are awesome…and because we produce these ourselves so really no one can cancel us except us. Tim once again joins us in this episode where we talk a healthy dose of news and games we’re playing before switching gears and talking about our personal top 10 games

Episode 2: Competitive Multiplayer

We talk wayyyyy too much in this second episode of our award winning (in our head) podcast. Tim and Billy join us to talk about multiplayer games from a competitive standpoint after we talk about news and games we’re playing. This is only our second episode so we promise we’ll get better about show length. Blame it on Berto for being a sub par show runner (that’s what we do!). Enjoy this episode and stick around; we get better, we swear.

Bonus Episode 1: E3 2018 Report Cards

Our first bonus podcast! Alberto and Garrett react to E3 2018 and give grades to every presentation. See if we have terrible taste in games or not! What did we like? What did we hate? Was E3 smelly while Alberto was there? Can Garrett pronounce Synics (NOPE)?

Episode 1 : State of the Industry

This is the inaugural episode of the most awesome podcast that has ever existed in this side of the multiverse. Your hosts are Berto and Garrett and they talk about important news stories while also talking about a few E3 related things. We talk mini consoles, the Switch’s lack of Virtual console, and the new Battlefield V cover that has ruffled people’s feathers. We also go off on some tangents before switching gears to E3 predictions and who we think needs to put up or shut up this year. Enjoy the first of many awesome episodes!