Episode 30 – Mods and Dev Tools

Inspired by their recent attempts at Mario Maker 2 world records, the Synics take an in depth look into the world of gaming mods, level editors, and dev kits. What genre will the gaming community come up with next? What is the future of mods on PC and console? Is Tim a hipster? All that plus all the Nintendo hardware in the news, and games being censored in China in our 30th episode!

Episode 29 – Void Bastards(Game Club)

Join the club (#sssgameclub) and take a seat on the virtual couch as the Synics take a critical look into Void Bastards.  Garrett Rants on Twitch drama, Tim takes aim at G2A controversy, and Berto struggles to not buy the new Pokemon game in the synical spin.  What did you think of Void Bastards?

Episode 28 – Remakes, Remasters, Rereleases

The Synics reboot this week with an in-depth conversation all about video game remakes, remasters, and rereleases.  Find out what we think about what makes remakes great, mediocre, or absolutely terrible. We talk EA and Epic talking nonsense in parliament, Andrew Wilson talking nice in an interview, and the impending doom of the auto chess genre.  Stick around to the end to hear Tim read our first hate mail!

E3 2019 Report Cards Special

The Synics Get all Synical on E3 2019. Berto is unusually synical, and Tim is unsarcastically excited for a game, what world is this? Hear our grades for the Presentations given at E3 2019 and what games we are the most and least excited for!

Episode 27 – Video Game Movies

That’s right, the Synics are branching out and headed to the big screen to discuss all about video game movies. Strangely enough the synicism begins to melt away as Berto, Tim and Garrett try to figure out why video game movies just aren’t that good. We also talk E3 leaks and rumors, Google Stadia price points, Pokemon Sword and Shield release date, and of course all the games we are currently playin’.

Episode 26 – E3 2019 Predictions

Almost a year after it all began the Synics are back at it just before E3 2019 to show you our predictions (both likely and absurd) for this years expo. We also talk about esports contract controversy, upcoming Pokemon directs, and of course the games we have been crushing in our own spare time.


Episode 25 – Ori and the Blind Forest (Game Club)

Didja miss us? We took a little break but we’re back with Ori and the Blind Forest for our next Game Club! We talk lootbox legislation, Mortal Kombat PTSD, Twitter ranting, the Sonic redesign, and the new Final Fantasy 7 trailer (this game will never release) in this week’s synical spin. Then we take a haunting journey straight through Ori and the Blind Forest so join our Game Club and talk with us on our virtual couch!

Episode 24 – Anthem (Game Club)

The Synics suit up in their javelins and go all out on their experience with Anthem. Come join the Game Club and chat with us about Bioware’s controversial looter shooter. We also have a deep and divisive discussion on difficulty, accessibility, and game design in hard games like Sekiro with a nice relaxing cool off as Tim goes through his bug list accompanied by Cello music.

Episode 23 – PAX East with Hold Up A Sec

Split Screen Synics and Hold Up a Sec Podcast merge together as we head to Boston for Pax East 2019. The Synics are joined by Hold Up a Sec co-host Andrew and Berto’s wife/co-op gaming champion Allison as we talk all about what makes PAX special and which games we played on the show floor. Recorded over 4 days in several locations with differing levels of sobriety, this episode is NUTS.  Filled with crazy tangents, whiskey based marketing, Bud Light Lime creativity, and lots of musical interludes we go all out.  Also in the news: Google Stadia announced, new Switch models rumored, and Anthem development woes.

Episode 22 – Synics Sell PC Gaming

As all three Synics have recently become part of the PC Gaming Elite, we do our best to convince you listeners (or maybe scare you off) on the greatness that is building a desktop and playing games with so many wonderful frames.  Join us on our trip down memory lane with old school PC games, Garrett’s blood sacrifice for Tim’s desktop, Berto’s heinous use of a controller in shooters, Streaming services for games in the news, and much more!