Episode 36 – Bastion(Game Club)

Take a seat on our virtual couch as we relive and replay the indie classic Bastion from Supergiant Games!  What’s your take on this fantastic, isometric action RPG? Listen in to hear what we think. Also in this episode you get all the usual Synic goodness: We talk about games we’ve played (other than Bastion) and in the Spin we we dissect the new Playstation 5 tidbits we read in Wired, we talk about the Blizzard Chinese connection fiasco, and Google Stadia possibly being a broadband bust.

All this and more Synics goodness in the latest, meaty episode. 

Episode 35 – Tim Checks Out Esports at ESL One

Tim gets the scoop on E-sports at ESL One NY at the Barclays Center.  The Synics press him all about the atmosphere, excitement level, and overall enjoyment of watching a live Counter-Strike tournament.  Also on the Synical Spin, we go ham once again on gamer entitlement/outrage, the newest rantings about exclusivity schemes, and the devious strategies to keep loot-boxes off the chopping block.

Episode 34 – Arcades

Take a trip back in the past with us as we dish it out over Arcades of yesteryear and the current trend of barcades. We are lucky to have @GamerChucksteak aboard the pod with us as we try to figure out exactly what made us keep spending all of our hard-earned quarters. Also in the Synical Spin: Death Stranding gameplay, Ash Ketchum winning the Pokemon league, and Gamestop sharing big losses. What is/was your favorite arcade like?

Episode 33 – Baba is You (Game Club)

Continuing the Synical tradition, Garrett picked Baba is You for this weeks Game Club.  We talk all about how this charming little Indie Puzzler turned our brains inside out and put them back in again.  We also talk about recent assault allegations in the gaming workspace, and the packed to the brim fall release schedule.  Have you played Baba is You yet?

Episode 32 – The Synics Cover Play NYC

The Synics teamed up with Joey Pucks from Uthegamers.com to cover the recent Play NYC indie gaming convention. That’s right, we actually got media passes! If you like indie games or are interested in games development you gotta listen up on our thoughts on New York’s premiere indie gaming event as well as Joe’s coverage of the recent Summer Play Boston convention. Also in the news we talk all about flame wars for Apex Legends microtransactions, devilish details from the FTC workshop on loot boxes, and Execs leaving Bioware.

Episode 31 – Amid Evil (Game Club)

Another Game Club, another seat on the virtual couch for you listeners as the Synics gush all about the retro inspired FPS Amid Evil. Join the #sssgameclub and hear what we think about this nostalgic shooter. The Synics also debate over what the Epic Game Store means for indie games, and what Ninjas move to Mixer means for Twitch. What did you think of Amid Evil?

Episode 30 – Mods and Dev Tools

Inspired by their recent attempts at Mario Maker 2 world records, the Synics take an in depth look into the world of gaming mods, level editors, and dev kits. What genre will the gaming community come up with next? What is the future of mods on PC and console? Is Tim a hipster? All that plus all the Nintendo hardware in the news, and games being censored in China in our 30th episode!

Episode 29 – Void Bastards(Game Club)

Join the club (#sssgameclub) and take a seat on the virtual couch as the Synics take a critical look into Void Bastards.  Garrett Rants on Twitch drama, Tim takes aim at G2A controversy, and Berto struggles to not buy the new Pokemon game in the synical spin.  What did you think of Void Bastards?

Episode 28 – Remakes, Remasters, Rereleases

The Synics reboot this week with an in-depth conversation all about video game remakes, remasters, and rereleases.  Find out what we think about what makes remakes great, mediocre, or absolutely terrible. We talk EA and Epic talking nonsense in parliament, Andrew Wilson talking nice in an interview, and the impending doom of the auto chess genre.  Stick around to the end to hear Tim read our first hate mail!

E3 2019 Report Cards Special

The Synics Get all Synical on E3 2019. Berto is unusually synical, and Tim is unsarcastically excited for a game, what world is this? Hear our grades for the Presentations given at E3 2019 and what games we are the most and least excited for!