Episode 22 – Synics Sell PC Gaming

As all three Synics have recently become part of the PC Gaming Elite, we do our best to convince you listeners (or maybe scare you off) on the greatness that is building a desktop and playing games with so many wonderful frames.  Join us on our trip down memory lane with old school PC games, Garrett’s blood sacrifice for Tim’s desktop, Berto’s heinous use of a controller in shooters, Streaming services for games in the news, and much more!

Episode 21 – Pokemon

The Synics dust the cobwebs off their old pokedexes and talk all about the new Pokemon Sword and Shield games coming out for the Nintendo Switch, as well as all other things Pokemon.  We also say goodbye to the inspiration for most of our narcotics based humor as Reggie Fils-Aime announces his retirement from Nintendo.  All of this and more news awaits in our 21st episode.

Episode 20 – Resident Evil 2 (SSS Game Club)

The Synics grab their combat knives and flashlights and take a deep dive into the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Come join the Game club and listen in to what we think about this exciting new version of the survival horror classic.  Featuring questions and comments from game club members like you, as well as our takes on recent developments in Gaming news!

Episode 19 – Berto Sells Kingdom Hearts 3

Berto tries to convince Garrett and you listeners to try Kingdom Hearts 3, a game which he has waited a decade and a half to play. Tune in to see if you can figure out the insanely convoluted backstory and take a chance on this celebrated, yet still somewhat niche, series.  Of course you also have your regular gaming news discussion and a misinformed Superbowl review from Garrett, and Berto doesn’t like the Patriots!

Episode 13 – The SONY Playstation

The Synics jump right in to the history of the SONY Playstation Console.  After a brief history lesson, we talk all about what games made the PS1 the best seller in the 5th console generation.  Find out why Tim used to leave his PS1 on overnight, Alberto’s JRPG love origins, and that Garrett likes a game called LSD Dream Emulator?  All this and the current Video Gaming News discussion (Boo Blizzard) in episode 13!