Epiosode 12 – Horror Games

The Split Screen Synics have gained a new Synic! Tim officially joins the team in this Halloween themed episode all about Horror Video Games.  The Synics dive deep into what makes horror games so compelling, then they discuss some of the best and most scary games out there to play on Halloween. Also, we learn that Dugongs are not just for Pokemon games.

Episode 11 – Sports Video Games

The Synics go all-in on discussing sports video games! Joined by their friend and former Collegiate athlete Chris, they strive to define what it is to be a “sports” video game. Berto argues for a cheese rolling game, Garrett explains what cricket is (poorly), and Chris invents Mario Jai Alai on top of discussing all the past two weeks most important gaming news.

Episode 10 – Portable Gaming

Our 10th episode! Our first milestone! Berto got Married, Garrett takes a crack at the news, Tim is back again to fill in for Berto (who is actually here), Bowsette is dominating the internet, a weird tangent into Harry Potter spells, and on top of all of that the Synics talk all about portable/handheld gaming. Join us as we talk about handheld systems old and new along with the games that made them great.

Episode 09 – Video Game Music

An absolute monster of an episode. The Synics are joined by previous guest hosts Billy and Tim as well as newcomer (but veteran podcaster) Andrew to all chime in about Video Game Music. This behemoth includes tons of tracks, sound effects, and even finishes with a video game music trivia section (stay tuned after the episode for the bonus tiebreaker rounds). Tons of tangents as well as the regular video gaming news is icing on the cake for episode 09!

Episode 08 – The Sega Genesis

The Synics dive into the newest video gaming news and continue their console series as they go in-depth all about the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Did you know they still produce 8-bit Sega consoles in Brazil? We also go off on weird tangents about crane game stuffed animals, hiding rental games in Blockbuster, and how the genesis trumped the launch of Diablo 3. Check out the end of the podcast to hear us answer some of the questions our listeners asked us via Instagram!

Episode 07: 2018 Thus Far

The Synics talk about the games of the year so far. On top of industry news, find out what our best bets for GoTY awards are and our personal favorites. Also we have a new audio editing format so Garrett will sniff less and Berto will still sound extremely pleasant!

Episode 6: The NES

Catch up on some video game news then the SSS dive into some video game history with the first of our console series as we talk about the NES. Join us as we go through a brief history with some interesting facts and trivia you may have never heard before after which we reminisce and give some of their own opinions about what the NES meant to us.

Episode 5: 2D vs 3D/ Old vs New/ Stuff vs Otherthings

The Split Screen Synics discuss 2D vs 3D games and engines for this weeks podcast! Which franchises are the best in 2D? Which in 3D? What was the transition from 2D to 3D like? Do graphics matter in games? Will Berto and Garrett ever agree on anything? Find out the answers to all these question and more!