SSS – Episode 50! 2020 So Far

In the dumpster fire of the year that has been 2020, the Synics discuss how 2020 has been treating gaming so far and what their hopes are for the next 6 months. Also in the news; the Synics will be streaming live on June 13th to raise money for Color of Change in support of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests across the world, the massive charity bundle raising money for the same cause, the upcoming Playstation 5 reveal, Bobby Kotick being overpaid, and the physical release of the previously censored game ‘Devotion’ by Red Candle Games. The Synics meandered all over the place this episode with so, so many more topics in this off-the-cuff and tangent filled celebration of 50 episodes!

SSS – Episode 43: 2020 Preview

In this episode the Synics debate 2020 game releases and which of the next gen consoles they think might ‘win’.  Berto is still absent from the cast because his newborn rules with an iron fist, but he’ll be back soon enough. Atari thinks their brand is strong enough to warrant building hotels, and Blizzard massively screws up the Warcraft 3 Reforged launch.