Episode 35 – Tim Checks Out Esports at ESL One

Tim gets the scoop on E-sports at ESL One NY at the Barclays Center.  The Synics press him all about the atmosphere, excitement level, and overall enjoyment of watching a live Counter-Strike tournament.  Also on the Synical Spin, we go ham once again on gamer entitlement/outrage, the newest rantings about exclusivity schemes, and the devious strategies to keep loot-boxes off the chopping block.

Episode 29 – Void Bastards(Game Club)

Join the club (#sssgameclub) and take a seat on the virtual couch as the Synics take a critical look into Void Bastards.  Garrett Rants on Twitch drama, Tim takes aim at G2A controversy, and Berto struggles to not buy the new Pokemon game in the synical spin.  What did you think of Void Bastards?